Monday, 13 July 2009

Online References of Operation Blue Tulsi

I am making a list of all the references for the Operation Blue Tulsi which I can find on the Internet. If you have any sources, you would be very kind to inform me via the comment section. It would be helpful for other as well.

A Pakistani Newspaper cartoon showing RAW agetns coming to Pakistan
Source: Jasarat, (Pakistan) 8 April 2008


Aitzaz Ahsan hands over the list of Sikh freedom fighters to India.
Ref: Pakistan's drift into Extremism by Hassan Abbas, page#142

General Abdul Waheed Kakar refuses the extension in his tenure.
Ref: Far East and Australasia 2003 By Eur, Europa Publications Staff, Europa Publications Staff Europa Publications, pg# 1171

Benazir Bhutto's government expells more than 2000 Arab Mujahiddin
Ref: Far East and Australasia 2003 By Eur, Europa Publications Staff, Europa Publications Staff Europa Publications, pg# 1171


Ref 2: Europa World Year Book 2 By Taylor & Francis Group, Taylor & Francis Group pg#3259

Rehman Malik was recruited by FBI in 1995 by John Lipka of FBI and let foreign agents interrogate Pakistani citizens in Pakistan
Ref:The New Jackals By Simon Reeve, pg#47
US will Take out Pak Nukes
"India had been promised, that in the event of some Pakistani national cataclysm, the Americans would move in to remove the nuclear weapons."
"Pakistan's Provinces" is published by "Strategic Foresight Group" of India, which predicts balkanization of Pakistan.

July 2009
Operation Blue Tulsi report is releast on the internet and spreads like wildfire. In one day the google search results increase from 15 to 500 and in two weeks to 35,000.
Wikipedia Deletion
All the references to Operation Blue Tulsi on wikipedia are deleted on 7 July 2009. (you can check this by using the "History" link on the pages where operation blue tulsi appears). However, some of the references are put back up after 2 to 3 days.
12 July 2009
Article on Blue Tulsi Operation is published in London Institute of South Asia UK.
13 July 2009
Interior Minister Rehman Malik launches campaign against anti-government emils, sms and websites. He says, "Any Pakistani living abroad would be deported to Pakistan. Interpol/Lyon have been asked to identify those email addresses and websites registered abroad which are being used for "such stories". We have marked some websites that are based abroad and our teams will be paying a visit to these countries soon."
15 July 2009
Guardian (UK) talks about:
"a widely believed conspiracy theory in Pakistan that Washington is orchestrating violent chaos so US troops can storm in and disable the country's nuclear arsenal"
and indirectly trying to say that there is no such conspiracy. We all know what conspiracy theory - "Operation: Blue Tulsi" - The Guardian is talking about.
18 July 2009
Pakistani newspaper confirms Blue Tulsi Operation.
20 July 2009
An injured suicide bomber confesses on TV (July 20, 2009 on "Point Blank" program of Private TV Channel "Express News") that India/RAW is supporting Barhamdagh Bugti and funding the unrest in Pakistan.
22 July 2009
Pakistan hands India comprehensive evidence of RAW's involvement in terrorism in Pakistan.
27 July 2009-wikipedia deletion
On 26 July all references to Operation Blue Tulsi on wikipedia are deleted AGAIN. In the last two weeks numerous pages relevant to Operation Blue Tulsi were found mentioning the operation name or details but by 27 July not a single reference is left on wikipedia.
30 July 2009 - Pakistan hands proof to NATO-US
Pakistan hands over the proof of India helping Baitullah Mehsud to NATO and US